Safety first!


Health and safety is of paramount importance in technological education.

In every course, students must be made aware that health and safety is everyone’s responsibility –
at home, at school, and in the workplace. Before using any piece of equipment or any
tool, students must be able to demonstrate knowledge of how the equipment or tool works and of the procedures they must follow to ensure its safe use. Personal protective gear must be worn as required.
safety first at Central Technical School
Teachers make use of available and relevant resources to make students
sufficiently aware of the importance of health and safety.

Teachers are also responsible for ensuring the safety of students during technology lab, shop,
and classroom activities. Health and safety issues are also addressed when learning
involves cooperative education and other workplace experiences. Teachers encourage
and motivate students to assume responsibility for their own safety
and the safety of others, and they help students develop the knowledge and skills
needed for safe participation in all technology-related activities. For these reasons,
teachers themselves model safe practices at all times and communicate safety expectations
to students in accordance with school board policies and procedures, Ministry of Education
policies, and Ministry of Labour regulations.

If parents or students have any questions or concerns at all, please contact your instructor or
use our contact form to reach Technical Education Director Randy Lindsey.